I'm trying to output results of my stored procedure to an
Excel file and calling this from a batch file to run

I'm using:
Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.0.3/EBF 16738 ESD#2/P/NT
(IX86)/Windows 2003/ase1503/2708/32-bit/OPT/Mon Jul 27
20:19:56 2009

Interactive SQL version 11.0.0 build 1649

Here's my code:

myprocedure.sql :
create procedure dbo.myprocedure()
create table #temptable ( myid varchar(10), lname
varchar(10), fname varchar(10) )
insert into #temptable values('1234567890','Smith','John')
select * from #temptable

runreport.sql : exec myprocedure ; output to 'myreport.xls'
format html ;

runreport.bat : dbisql -nogui -c
"uid=reportuser;pwd=reportuser" -host myserver -port 5000
read runreport.sql

If I run the sql file in the Interactive SQL GUI, it outputs
the excel file perfectly. But when I run it using the
command line dbisql, it outputs just the headers, no data
into the output 'myreport.xls' file. The data is echoed to
screen when -q option is not selected.

This only happens when I use temporary tables for my output.
If I just run a simple select on an existing database table,
the output contains headers & data.

Any suggestions?