Hi, I have a question regarding installing / removing apps
from Afaria on iOS devices. In another another topic I have
seen someone say that iOS does not permit to do this.
Nevertheless on apple site I found the MDM documentation and
they say that this is permited, I quote:
"Managed apps
• Install managed app
• Remove managed app
• List all managed apps
• Install Provisioning Profile
• Remove Provisioning Profile"
This is downloaded from
more specifically

Also in sybase's page (http://www.sybase.com/afaria_iphone)
it says that Afaria for iOS 5 includes:
"New MDM protocol that enables managed apps the ability to
be tracked, recognized and removed on demand"

Yet I have not been able to find anyway to actually achieve
installing/removing apps (both enterprise apps and appstore
apps). Does anyone knows if this is really possible? I am
using Afaria 6.6 with the latest FP applied.

PS: I know I can force install enterprise apps by setting
them as required, but they cannot be removed.

Thanks in advance for any information given.


Juan Daniel