Recently, I had a discussiion with my classmates about how to learn English
Most of us agree that excercisement is the most important method, but I
think we should learn English by a cute way instead of a hard one, so that
we can learn it well quickly.
To sum up from my own experience, phonetic symbol(Òô±ê£©is the most
thing that English learner should master of, for which is the thing that we
can recite new words quickly by. As for the hearing and speaking, we can
improve them by listening English tapes whtever it talks about during
cleaning or some sports.
The most stupid mothod is reading the same word again and again,it's
useless and a wasting of time! English learning need to accumulate a lot and
to understand a lot, but not to recite a lot.
In the other word, when you learn Chinese years ago, you needn't
recite lots of words on purpose, but the fact is you know and be able to use
many of them gradully during talking with other .