I am using ASE 15.0.2, 32 bit on Windows Server 2003. I used the
syconfig.exe to create another server in a separate directory (which will
share the binaries with the original server installation). It didn't create
the RUN file for this server. It did create a Service in Windows Services. I
created the RUN file manually. The issue is that the Windows Service entry
starts the original server (setup earlier). I changed the entry in registry
to reflect the complete RUN file entry with all parameters. The RUN file
starts the server without issues. The Windows Service starts the server but
shuts it down without givng any reason in the log.

I need that service to work for my setup to work. The RUN file looks
something like this:
C:\SYBASE\ASE-15_0\bin\sqlsrvr.exe -dC:\MyServer\data\master.dat -sMyServer
-eC:\sMyServer\ASE-15_0\install\errorlog -iC:\Sybase\ini -MC:\MyServer\ASE-15_0

Any idea what could be wrong.