Hi all,
After moving to SUP 2.1.3 (from 2.1.0) one operation is
failing in the SUP server.
The logs shows the following error message:

2012-06-28 10:31:59.936 Subsystem=Error Application
ID=mwf_r, Application Connection
ID=SIMULATOR-CMS_DEMO2__mwf_r, User=CMS_DEMO2@admin,
Correlation ID=, Package=mwf_r:3.12,
MBO=USERRegisterOperation, Operation=create, Thread ID=202,
Error=d7589cc0-b913-122b-8000-c82a1425253a CMS_DEMO2
d1_mwf_r.3_12 (async.operation.replay.1.1)
com.sybase.dataservices.OHLog::log:39 - cannot send INFO to
client supCode: 200, eisCode: 0, 'Success'

Any help will be appreciated.