I would like to run mbsacli.exe (microsoft baseline security
analyzer cli) through the 'Execute Program' event in a
session manager. The difficulty I have is in passing the
output of the mbsacli.exe to a text file, for example this
is the command I want to run:
mbsacli.exe /n os+iis+sql+password /nvc /nd /qp /qt >

It seems that all goes fine until I place the > (greater
than) which should save the output of stdout to a text
file... it simply doesn't run and the DOS window closes too
quickly for me to read what is going on. I tried putting
double and single quotes around it - in which case it
doesn't complain but doesn't write to the output file
either. Could someone please reply with a concrete workable
example using my example above.

thanks a lot!