I use PowerDesigner version EBF8. Ever since I
installed this EBF8 update, all generated database scripts
use the block terminator (/) instead of the terminator (;)
even though the "UseBlockTerm" DBMS property is set to "No".

The driver script created when creating multiple DDL files
ends each START command with a / which causes SqlPlus to
execute the previous command again resulting in "duplicate"

The only way I found around this is to delete the block
terminator value from the DBMS (XDB). But then I need to
edit scripts that create procedures or functions to add the
now missing block terminator.

I see from searching this forum that this topic was covered
for Oracle 9i, but not since. After I installed EBF8, these
"old" problems appeared again. Seems like this was a step

Anybody have any fix ideas?