I’m new to PowerDesigner and have learned everything I
know from the PD help, Googling, and the Hoberman/McGeachie
book “Data Modeling Made Simple With PowerDesigner”. So
far, that has been sufficient, but I’ve run into a
stumbling block that I can’t get past:

Using PD 15.3, I would like to know how to generate a report
of the mappings between a CDM and a PDM.

I’ve created a Data Dictionary as a CDM and then
reverse-engineered an off-the-shelf PDM. I then used the
mapping editor to create mappings between them. I would now
like to generate a report that lists the entities of the CDM
and their mappings to the PDM.

Essentially, I would like a listing of four columns:
1. Entity (CDM)
2. Attribute (CDM)
3. Table (PDM)
4. Column (PDM)

I’ve read through the example that comes with the PD Help:
“Example: Building a Data Dictionary in a CDM”, which
describes the mapping concept, except for the reporting

The Hoberman/McGeachie book also describes how to use the
mapping editor in this way. That book states even that a
multi-model report "can help you see...the links from tables
in a PDM to entities in a CDM", but doesn’t go into
details on how to achieve this.

I’ve tried using the Report Wizard and the List Report
Wizard to no avail. I’ve also tried building a
multi-model report, but still can’t figure out how to
generate the simple four-column listing I would like.

Can someone be so kind as to provide some details as to how
to do this?