Apparently, there was a migration and sizing guide for ASE
12.5 that gave sizings suggestions for number of CPUs,
Memory, disk space, in addition to the regular upgrade and
migration issues.

I suggested to the client that he look at the usual things,
but would appreciate the document in question if it exists.



P.S. My suggestions:

HARD Duro:

- Room for growth, contigency, breathing room, reserve.
- Number of backups to be kept online per DB to have them
quickly available without going to tape.
- In replication envirnments, depending of materialization
types, storage to materialize the largest table, and
buffer data long enough to fix downstream failures.


- Depends on performance expectations. If you want to
maximize the "In memory databases" feature, then, allocate
sufficient memory to store the most critical databases
in memory.
- Depending on sysmon output, take a look at the usual
monitoring parameters suchas writes to disk, dirty
writes, etc.


- Depends on actual utilization. To monitor with tools such
Ignite 8.2 from Confio, Embarcadero or Bradmark.