I am posting this on behalf of a colleague. Where can I find
Sybase ASE 15.7 upgrade guidelines.

Specifically, he is concerned with capacity planning. The
install guide and release notes of the ASE 15.7 version list
system requirements, including chipset, memory, OS version
and storage, but do not really get into how much additional
memory, number of CPUs or disk space might be required for
the specific installation. Obviously, this varies for each
installation, due to the number of databases, size of the
databases, up time, high availability and replication
requirements, not to mention the number of disk based
backups to be available for each database on the server.

However, we both recall documents outlining all the issues
to consider when upgrading from one version of ASE to
another, and in particular when upgrading to ASE 12.5. While
some of the issues are the same every time, new releases
where the architecture of the product changes such as with
the Optimizer and new features included in ASE 15.x , new
issues arise, hence the publishing of such papers. I have
not found presentations covering this in the TechEd USB yet,
and I was hoping that you could guide us regarding the

I am also aware of the fact that this information came piece
meal in the product specific release notes. There you could
find information related to upgrading say from 15.0 to
15.0.3. However, there is no single cummulative document, or
is there?

Otherwise, can you confirm that where to find the specific
piece meal documents. Release notes? Or was it the new
features guide of each realease?

Obviously, you can use sp_sysmon to check things such as:


- Space for implementing performance techniques, allowing
growth, HA, replication, availability of online backups,

- Dependent on performance expectations and feature
utilization such as the use of “In memory databases”.

- Dependent on actual utilization. Can be monitored with
third party tools such as Confio, Embarcadero, Bradmark

Your feedback will be appreciated.