We get the below error message while running a PowerBuilder
v12.5 application in Windows Server with Sybase 15 client

"The context allocation routine failed when it tried to load
localization files!!
One or more following problems may caused the failure

Your sybase home directory is D:\Sybase32. Check the
environment variable SYBASE if it is not the one you
Using locale name "default" defined in environment variable
Cannot access D:\Sybase32\locales\message\english\common.loc
Cannot access D:\Sybase32\locales\message\english\cslib.loc

And there is no folder "english" exists in the path
"D:\Sybase32\locales\message". Instead us_english folder is
available in the same path.

We found a way to set the locale variable as below in
"locales.DAT” file under "NT" section
"locale = default, us_english, iso_1"
But it didn't work.

Work Around:

1) When we create a folder "english" in
"D:\Sybase32\locales\message" by copying the folder
"us_english" and set the DBParm as "DBParm =
Release='15' " in connection configuration settings file ,
it works fine.

2) There is another PB application in V12.5 which works
without "english" folder and DBParm as "DBParm =
Release='11' ". We tried copying the DLLs of this
application to make the other one work. But still it failed.

Your help to fix this without changing the Sybase home
directory files will be very much appreciated.