ASE 15.5 ESD4 I have a SPID that shows as recv sleep/
awaiting command every time I check. But this spid also
shows "$user_transaction", it is very active creating and
populating temp tables, running sprocs, etc. Why would it be
listed as recv sleep/awaiting command while in this state?
It is running for up to 3-5 minutes which is why I am trying
to tune it. It is not accumulating any significant waits and
the locks show it is processing data. The issue I have run
into is that this spid remains running, the client side
times out but the $user_transaction stays active and blocks
the transaction log. The rep server eventually complains
about stable queues filling due to log blocked. It is not
running in chained mode so I don't know why the spid doesn't
go away when the client times out like all my other