Based on feedback from our community, we have decided that our original plan to migrate to the SAP Community Network (SCN) requires additional time. Therefore, we are postponing the transition to read-only status for all newsgroup until sometime in 2013.

We recognize that changing from a system, especially one as full and useful as our NNTP newsgroup, is a difficult process. Our current NNTP system, however, is nearing the end of its software life and we believe it is best replaced by a system that is more web friendly and provides for our communities future. During that process, we want to make sure that we address all concerns from our users as we move to our new web based platform.

In the meantime, none of the valuable content here will be lost. We have set up an archive site at to hold all of our existing content. That site will be migrated to SCN and will continue to exist after the transition is complete.

We want to thank our users for all of their feedback and patience during this process. We are working hard to make this transition to the SAP Community Network as painless as possible, and we welcome your continued feedback.

Major announcements regarding this migration will be published to all groups, but details will be on the newsgroup 'news.announcements'. Please subscribe to this group to keep track of our migration status. Feedback is also welcome, but as we can not monitor every one of our hundreds of groups, please put all comments in the group ''.

Thank you.
Sybase Newsgroup Administration