Dear all,

we are planning to develop a mobile application with the
help of SUP. This application is intended to synchronize
data from a remote SAP NetWeaver ABAP system. User
information is stored in the SAP system’s ABAP user store.

Is it possible to use the SAP system’s user store for user
authentication, i.e. the user provides his credentials to
the mobile application and the Sybase Unwired Server,
respectively the MBOs running thereon, authenticate the user
against the SAP system? Most sample SUP scenarios are based
on LDAP servers as user store which is why I am asking this
particular question.

I do have one additional question: Which user account is
used to retrieve data from the distant SAP system? Is the
account of a previously authenticated user used or a
“neutral” technical user? In our case, users have
particular permissions in the SAP system, determining which
data can be accessed. Hence, we would like to use the user
accounts of the true end users for obtaining data and not
the account of a technical/service user which might be
equipped with additional permissions and thus be able to
access more data.

Thanks and best regards,