As you probably noticed, the Sybase public newsgroups are being closed
down by March 28th, 2013. See the recent post in
sybase.public.ase.general for example (look for the title "Sybase NNTP
Forums EOL - March 28, 2013").

The forums will move to the SAP Community Network (SCN), at
In order to use SCN it is required that you register to get an SCN
account, but this is free, quick, and easy (see When registered, not only can you
ask questions or start discussions in the forums but you can also create
blog posts. SCN also has a contributor reputation system where you get
points for every contribution.

For ASE users, there will be two forums at SCN (most newsgroup users
should probably use the second forum):

- this community is
specifically for SAP users who run SAP applications on ASE. For example,
the topics you will find discussed here are questions about getting ASE
backups to work with DBA cockpit, or how to install ASE in a SAP
To go directly to the forum, use this link: .
If you are not using SAP applications, please use the community below.

- this
community is for ASE as a general-purpose database, without an SAP
context. This is likely the place where most current newsgroup users
should go to.
To go directly to the forum, use this link: .

Lastly, to download the free ASE Developer Edition and ASE Express
Edition, go to the Developer Center at Please do not
use the forum associated with this community for questions, instead, use
one of the two communities listed above.

Rob Verschoor
TeamSybase / SAP Global Database Solutions