Dear All,
I hope this is the right place to start asking general ASE
administraion questions.
We have recently applied the latest ASE security patch for
ASE 15.0.3: EBF 20615 ESD#4.2 and sicnce then, we are facing
a very whitnessing a strange behaviour. Whenever a user
executes a stored procedure, he gets the message at the
bottom before the result set! Additionally, after granting
the user sa_role, the problem disappears! Any help would be
hugely appreciated.

Many thanks in advance
Sybase DBA

1> exec myproc
2> go
Msg 2760, Level 16, State 3:
Server 'SYB15_DEVF', Line 1:
Column name '%.*s' does not exist in target table.
Msg 12810, Level 16, State 1:
Server 'SYB15_DEVF', Line 1:
Cannot resolve column name '%.*s' for table '%.*s'. This
could be because the column does not belong to the table or
it has an unknown datatype or an internal error related to
the system catalogs has happened