Hi Everyone;

Now that the NNTP Sybase news groups are closing down - I thought it
worthwhile to mention that the ISUG-TECH organization ("Independent SAP
Technical User Group") is considering creating a similar 3rd Party "open
forum" on its website.

The idea here would be facilitate a forum like we had on the Sybase
news group where open source, private and commercial entities can post
information about various utilities, add-ons, complimentary software,
etc to the current SAP products like PowerBuilder, Hanna, ASE, etc.

ISUG-TECH already offers a similar service to all SAP professionals
in its "job board" implementation: http://my.isug.com/jobs. The idea
now would be to have a similar feature for SAP related software offerings.

What I would like to know ... is that something that you think
ISUG-TECH should offer the SAP community as SAP's replacement SCN system
blocks any such postings?


Regards ... Chris
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Vice President: ISUG-TECH
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