I am trying to make a connection to SQL Server 11.0.3 on AIX from a servlet
running on NT 4.0 using a character set that appears to be installed on the
server, but every time I try to connect, I get

JZ0I5: An unrecognized CHARSET property was specified: mac.

"mac" is installed in the syscharsets table and the necessary files seem to
be in the characters/mac directory ont the server. I can connect with
"iso_1" and "utf8", but when I try to connect with the CHARSET property set
to "mac" I get the exception.

Here's the context: I'm creating the connetion in a server-side app running
on NT 4.0. The default character set on the server is "iso_1". Most of
the users of this DB are on Macs, however. As I understand it, the Open
Connect client libraries should automatically do the character conversion
to and from the MacRoman character set used on the clients to iso-1 used by
the server. So, when I try to the get data out in an app using UTF8 or
ISO-1 or anything else that's compatible for that matter, the server should
convert from the ISO-1 data it's storing to the character set I need.

After some testing, however, I can use the "iso_1" character set and then
get a byte array from the result set (instead of the default
"getString(int)") and use the java character conversion for "MacRoman" and
I get the correct characters! That's backwards, isn't it?

It almost seems like the Mac clients haven't been translating between
MacRoman to/from ISO-1, but just storing the bytes & sybase thinks it's in

Has anyone else had problems like this. Any help would be greatly