Has anyone ever seen the attached error before? Basically after I installed the
Intersolv ODBC Drivers 3.11.X (only the Sybase one) I restarted the server, went
into the ODBC Administrator/System DSN and tried to Add the INTERSOLV 3.11
32-BIT Sybase driver I get the error message in the attached file which states
"The setup routines for the INTERSOLV 3.11 32-BIT Sybase ODBC driver could not
be loaded due to system error code 126. I thought this was either a registry or
dll issue. The registry looks fine and, after a dll comparison with another
identical server that this worked on, the dlls look fine too. I have also
re-installed MDAC Components, NT Service Pack 6a, SQL Service Pack 2, Site
Server SP4 in varying orders. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks in Advance,
Rachan Terrell

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