We had all of our listeners suddenly fail. We were using port 5000. After
trying a number of things, we finally changed the port to 5001 and the
problems stopped. We had been using port 5000 for months without problems.
Trying to figure out why it suddenly stopped working.

What we have found in logs and Microsoft writeup on this NT Error is that
the cause of this is clearing TEMP db and used Memory. The article deals
with Microsoft SQL server not Sybase SQL Server.
What we have gathered as facts is this:

1. The last entry before we got the "network listeners failed" was CLEARING
TEMP DB.....

2. We know that they had alerts about the C:\ on the raid array is coming
to the critical low. They claim they always run with apporx. 50MB left and
increased it that morning by clearing out old data to about 80MB.

If clearing TEMP DB needed physical space to use for virtual memory and THAT
was running low maybe the server has run out of memory. It sounds
far-fetched but I think something could have happened there. I went over the
Microsoft's write up and maybe the memory issue is what caused it....