Does Sybase have any plans on building smarter data refresh tools?

I currently support multiple different test systems and production systems
with which we keep insync via release management. Basically, periodic
changes release "packages" which are migrated. Thus, DDL and code is not
always consistent across the different systems. I have tools that I have
developed that do the following:

1) Determine what tables exist on both systems
2) Determine DDL differences
a. Extra columns on the from side to the side are not loaded
b. Extra columns on the to side to from side get supplied defaults
c. Finally build views that satisfy the needs of both tables.
a. If extra tables are found just report on them.
3) BCP data out of the from views (TABLE_FROM) and into the tables that
are to be loaded (TABLE)

Will Sybase investigate building tools like this?

Ryan Putnam