Concurrently with the release of PowerBuilder 10.0, Sybase released
the PFC as Open Source. The project is being hosted on Sybase's
CodeXchange site at:

What does this mean for you? Well, it means a few things:

1. You no longer need to have the Enterprise or Professional version
of PowerBuilder to use the libraries. Anybody is now free to download
the files and use them in their projects.

2. It means that the number of people who are working on the base PFC
code has expanded considerably. Even in the best PowerSoft/Sybase
days, the number of developers working on PFC was probably never more
than a dozen. With the code available as Open Source, the number of
developers working on the product can expand to considerably more than

3. It means you no longer have a long wait between the time that you
report a bug and the time it's fixed. You can also follow its
progress as it is being worked on and the fix incorporated into the
code base.

The project is being headed up by some of the best PFC/PowerBuilder
minds in the business:

Alex Whitney: The originator and former manager of the PFC development
team at Sybase.

Boris Gasin: One of the authors of the McGraw-Hill book: "PowerBuilder
Foundation Class Professional Reference" and web-master for the web site.

Terry Voth: Author of PBL Peeper and web-master of the web site.

Bruce Armstrong: Senior editor for the PowerBuilder Developer's
Journal, co-editor and contributing author for "PowerBuilder 9:
Advanced Client/Server Development" by SAMS and web-master of the and sites.

At a new Wednesday afternoon TechWave session we will be discussing
the roadmap for the future of the project and how to contribute to it.
Results of the discussions at TechWave along with more information on
how to participate in the project will be posted after TechWave is

Come to the project today and sign up to participate in this milestone
in PowerBuilder history.

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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