The problem I'm running into is that the dataserver is running and the
backup server is running, but when I try to do a database dump I get the
following error:

00:00000:00009:2001/05/05 16:46:55.19 server Site 'SYB_BACKUP' not found
in interfaces file.
00:00000:00009:2001/05/05 16:46:55.21 server Error: 7235, Severity: 17,
00:00000:00009:2001/05/05 16:46:55.21 server No other query entry found
for the remote server SYB_BACKUP - site SYB_BACKUP. Aborting this site
handler, as no remote server responded. Please make sure the remote server
is accepting connections.

SYB_BACKUP is not a remote server and is listed in the interfaces file. I
have double and triple check the .cfg files and everything is appears to be
correct. Anyone have any ideas............