Hi all !

I have a problem about a table with Java object as column.I have a java
class column that manage a XML data.
When I try to insert the data with java application with the
preparedStatement , the application catch an exception :

com.sybase.jdbc.SybSQLException: Cannot find a public method named
io.InputStream)' in class 'sidera.OrdineXML'. Either the method does not
or it is being called with the incorrect argument types.

at com.sybase.jdbc.SybStatement.updateLoop(SybStatement.java)
at com.sybase.jdbc.SybStatement.executeUpdate(SybStatement.java)
at generaordinixml.main(generaordinixml.java:84)
at sun.tools.agent.MainThread.runMain(Native Method)
at sun.tools.agent.MainThread.run(MainThread.java:49)

the table:

create table Ordini(
ID numeric(15) identity,
Customer varchar(15),
OrderNumber int,
OrderDoc "sidera.OrdineXML"

the constructor :
public class OrdineXML extends sidera.OrdiniXmlBase implements

* OrdineXML Method

public OrdineXML(String orderXmlText) throws Exception

the insert metod:
insert into TESTDB.SYSSQL.Ordini(Customer,OrderNumber,OrderDoc)
values(?,?,new sidera.OrdineXML(?) )

Any suggestion ????