Tried to start the backup server in Control Panel Services, the following
error message appear: "Could not start the sybase BCKserver 101SYN03_BS
server on \\101SYN03. Error 1067. Process terminated unexpectedly."

The server naming does not follow the naming convention. But the ASE
server starts with no problem.

There is also an application notification error message:
"An application error has occured in the program bcksrvr.exe. Crash
information will be saved in the file Please report this crash
to the Vendor of the faulting application."

Here is part of the content of the
Please report this crash to the vendor of the faulting application:
App: bcksrvr.exe (PID=0x20D)
When: 11/17/2000 @ 17:26:4.41
Exception number: C0000005 (access violation)
Exception Flags = 0x00000000 (continuable)
Notes Build: Release 4.5.6a|October 1, 1998

State Dump for Thread ID 0x97

EAX: 00000016 EBX: 00DBE154 ECX: 00DBDC34 EDX: 00000002 ESI: 00DBDC1C EDI:
EIP: 002350CE ESP: 00DBDBDC EBP: 00000019 IOPL: 0 nv up ei pl nz na
pe nc
CS: 001B SS: 0023 DS: 0023 ES: 0023 FS: 0038 GS: 0000 EFL:

I didn't set up the server originally. Can someone please help?