I hope that somebody can help me with this:

I am trying to connect from one sql server to an other sql server, using
"dsedit" and get the following error:

[SYBASE][ODBC Sybase driver][Sybase]ct_connect(): user api layer: internal
Client Library error: HAFAILOVER. Trying to connect to server

on the client mashine I set the sql.ini up to look for the sql server wich
is on thge same network.


the strange thing is that the connection works from server"A" to server"B"
but it does not work from server"B" to server"A".

also if I try to ping the sqlserver [using "dsedit"] from the PC it
resides on, it can't connect to it.

I wonder if there is any other configuration that I did not consider.

Please help!
Thank you