We plan to migrate from Anywhere dialect to transact SQL and I have the
We use "set option blocking ON/OFF" to test "semaphore fields" for
dynamically blocked rows.
Technique is as follows:
1. There is a special "semafore field" defined in table (eg. doccument
2. If user goes to doccument edition, application tries to write userid into
this field with option "blocking off" set for that moment. This write is
made by separate connection and stays uncommited until the end of edition
process (then it is rolled back). If I get dberror with "row already locked"
dbcode, I inform user that doccument is used by other user. If sqlcode is
OK, the row is dynamically blocked and user goes into edition procedure. If
my application crashes, server automatically rejects uncommited transaction
and doccument is available for others.

On SQL Anywhere everything works fine, but I found no equivalent to option
"blocking" in Adaptive Server.
Is it possible to implement above technique on Adaptive server?

Best regards,
Jacek Borowiec