Hi all,

I have setup a web server (IIS4.0) using MTX and selected Sybase11.9.2 as
the backend database (on the other machine).

Then I have installed the Sybase PC Client to the web server and setup a
System DSN. I have written some com object with VB which will make
connection to the sybase server and retrieve records.

It seems that all is fine when I test the com in VB debug mode. I can make
the connection and retrieve the record. But when I complied the com and
registered to the MTX server, it returns 'Specific driver could not be
loaded due to a system error 126(sysbase system 11)' when I retrieved the
web page (ASP using ODBC to connect to database, the connection string is
the same as the one when I do the test in VB Debug mode) that call the com.
What is the Problem? Thanks