I would like to know more about xp_server performance. Does xp_server has
any problems reguarding simultaneous user access? Does xp_server has any
problems with high-end usage/preformance?

I use ASE 11.9.3 for HPUX and i have the latest EBF applied to it, as well
as all the patches for my OS (HP-UX 11.X).

We have high volumes of information going to and from my mainframe trought
XP_SERVER, and we are experiencing performance problems. I have already
checked my ESP and my C program and they are writen to the fullest extend
of my needs. Just to exemplify it my C program takes about 8 secs to go to
and from my mainframe, however it takes about 10 more secs to return to my
final user(go trougth XP).

If there is any kind of documentation regurading performance issues with
XP_SERVER, i would like to know where could i find it.

Thanks in advance for your troubles.

Nelson Charret