I'm having trouble deciding how to approach developing the following
service for my website:

Providing a service for users to search the web and return web pages based
on a phrase or keyword, ie search engine, but in html format which I can
further process utilizing scripts and/or templates into a list of

I want to develop a component with my PowerBuilder 7.0.3 application that
is similar to telnet: retrieving the results set from several other search
engines in order to compile into one result set and return the compiled
results set as a list to my user in a timely fashion.

For example, if I key the following two lines on a telnet screen I get the
results that I'm looking for:

Telnet www.msn.com 80

Telnet will quickly return an html formated page that I can save to a log
file, rename with an html extension, open it with a Browser and view the
page exactly as it would appear if I had used a Browser to go directly to
msn.com and searched on the keyword apparel; returning a list of related
websites (web pages) including links, summaries, ranking on the web, etc.

I want to incorporate this telnet service into my website (a meta index
type of search engine) which I am building with PowerBuilder 7.0.3. If
there are PB object(s) that I can utilize instead of the Telnet program
that would be ideal!!!

Any suggestions?