Hello, I installed PC Client v12.0 that comes w/ the ASE 12.0 CD set. After
the install I ran the Sybase Central Java Edition and I am experiencing the
following problems:

1) I cannot see the Sybase servers that I have configured.
2) The plug-in for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise is not installed. If I
have to install it manually, what is the name of the .jar or .class file and
where is it located.
3) When I run the Sybase Central (Standard Edition) I can see my plug-in for
ASE but I don't see the servers that I have configured.

This installation was done on Windows NT workstation. Can someone tell me
what I am missing?


Daryl L. Avery
Development Technologies Consultant
Software Spectrum, Inc.
Email: Daryl.Avery@SoftwareSpectrum.com
Web Site: SoftwareSpectrum.com