Thanks for the info on the last, but they have changed the way they want it
done. Now they want the backups written to a /dir for a week the then
written off to tape each day. So there would be a weeks dumps on the
system and then off to tape. This is a Sybase 12 on ASE 4.3 system. The
dump scripts are fine. Now I have changed the scripts to write off to
tape. See the following:

/usr/bin/find /sybase/backups/backup/FMS_TEST_UNIX_old -print |
/usr/sbin/backup -iq -f /dev/rmt0

It is writting to the tape, but I want to keep a weeks dumps per tape. So
I'm running into the same problem with the rewind. I want to append each
days dump to tape without loosing the previous days info. I appreciate any
further help.