I've installed an evaluation copy of the ASE 12, as i do not want to do my
testing on the production server (makes my sysop very happy).

However I have problems getting the damned thing to play. When I create a
server, i get an error message like "error booting into server". When I
check the logs, i get this:

"00:00000:00000:2000/10/31 09:48:19.65 kernel Warning: Your DEMO license
has expired."

...which cannot be right since i downloaded the eval copy three weeks ago
(60 day trial).

Also it seems to run fine on my w2000 desktop, laptop, and one NT4 desktop
- but on the maschine i _really_ want to run it on, I get the message
above. Have checked my date/time settings, and cannot find anything wrong
with the settings.

help... pls......