I am now very actively in the marketplace seeking programmer position.

I have 5 years experience using PowerBuilder (versions 5,6.5,7) and
extremely proficient in all aspects of PowerBuilder development using coding
techniques that make extensive use of Object-Oriented Programming and
design, including the development and extension of base-class objects,
custom user objects, and business rule encapsulation.

7 years application programming experience including 5 years experience in
client-server programming using Enterprise Application Studio with Sybase
and Oracle databases.
Strong PowerBuilder background with strengths in programming, debugging,
troubleshooting and maintenance of existing code of industrial-strength
applications (client-server and multi-tier/distributed), such as order
entry, accounting, and manufacturing systems.

Languages: PowerScript (PowerBuilder 5.0 - 7.0), DynaScript (ECMAScript -
PowerDynamo 3.0), HTML 3.12, Embedded SQL, Watcom SQL (SQL AnyWhere 5.*),
Transact SQL (Adaptive server Enterprise 11.5), PL/SQL (Oracle 8.*).
Application servers: Component and Transaction server (middle-tier): Jaguar
CTS 3.51, PowerDynamo 3.0
Tools: Sybase central, PowerDesigner, PL/SQL Developer (Allround
Automations), SQL*Plus.
Operating system: DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Novell Netware 3.12, 4.1.
Hardware: PC.

? Developed sophisticated DataWindow (with different display formats, edit
styles, and validation rules)/ DataStore, Pipeline, Query objects for
retrieving and manipulating data from different databases. (SQL AnyWhere
5.*, ASE 11.5, Oracle 8.1)
? Developed user interface objects (menus, windows, and window controls),
visual and class user objects.
? Developed PowerBuilder NVOs to run in a Jaguar server. Created NVOs
proxies for Jaguar components and used them in PowerBuilder client

? Developed database-based web site using PowerDynamo 3.0 (DynaScriot +
W-SQL + T-SQL + HTML 3.12 + SQL AnyWhere 5.5 + Adaptive Sever Enterprise
11.5.1) + IIS 4.0 (Windows NT 4.0 Server).

? Developed and debugged stored procedures, functions, packages for Oracle
8.* database. (PL/SQL Developer 4.0 + SQL*Plus, PL/SQL).
? Developed stored procedures, functions, triggers for SQLAnyWhere 5.*,
adaptive server Enterprise 11.5 databases. (Sybase Central + ISQL, Watcom,
Transact SQL).

? Designed database structure for SQL Anywhere 5.*, ASE 11.5 (PowerDesigner

Please review my background and contact me if you need additional

Sincerely yours,
Viktor Bosyy