Version: Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.03 Build #1666
Error Message: ***ERROR*** Assertion failed: 31110 Files is shorter than

I found a FAQ on with instrucitons on how to PATCH but I was
wondering if anybody was ever able to recover one of these files. All the
FAQ's on this bascially say, put down new database and apply the store log.
Unfortunately for me, I don't have a backup and want to try and open/recover
anything I can from this database. I have done as the FAQ instructed and
installed version 5.5.05 which prevents this but I still can get it database

I have tried turning logging off with the "dblog" command and I have tried
doing a dbeng50 -f <dbname> and it always gets the same error message or it
says "Can not start database".

Is there any other tricks or tools out there that can help me?

Zachary Hunter
SalePoint, Inc.