The following error occurs while trying to BCP IN data from flat files
created by Historical Server.
cs_covert: cslib user api layer: The conversion/operation
was stopped due to a syntax error in the source file.
Environment - NT4.0 p5 , ASE 11.9.2

Table was created using sql from Historical server
(hs_create_recording_session - option - "sybase_script" )

create table s5_3_object_locks_3
Timestamp datetime,
KernelProcessID_ValSmp int null,
ProcessID_ValSmp int null,
DatabaseID_ValSmp int null,
ObjectID_ValSmp int null,
ObjectName_ValSmp varchar(30) null,
PageNumber_ValSmp int null,
LockStatus_ValSmp int null,
LockType_ValSmp int null,
TimeWaitedonLock_ValSmp int null

BCP command used:
bcp perfmondb..s5_3_object_locks_3 in
d5_3_obj -Usa -Pxxxxxx -SCOOKIE -t"," -c -e d5_3_obj.err

One of the rows rejected:


If I do insert to the table the same row it works. I did then BCP out and
got following line:

Jul 19 2000

This file I could BCP IN without problem. So the problem is with datatime
type of Timestamp field.
Now how can I make the BCP work...??? This is a part of processing
Historical Server output and the
procedure is described in manual - but it does not work..!!!!

Any hints.???

Thanks in advance..

Emanuel Marciniak