Hello Everyone,
We have an application built with Sybase Open Client DB Lib, which uses
ASE 11.x/12 as backend. Present application requires user to install Sybase
Server, configure it and administer it perodically. Due to customer
requests, we are planning to get rid of it. Preferably, we would like to
make that database embedded within the application, something like Sleepycal
DB would do. Does Sybase has any such product. I looked at Open Server
Toolkit, but I'm not sure if we can build a custom server using it, which
does ASE job. Alternatively we are looking for an option which would allow
us to install Sybase using our application installation program and later
that could be administered from application itself.
So far, I couldn't find any such product/tool information on Sybase
site, and Sybase guys are too busy to respond to my queries. :)
Any help/suggestion in this regards would be appreciated