We were using ASE for our primary production system until version 11.x where
we switch the primary store to Oracle due to the following.

We evaluated ASA at that time and we found that it has richer features than
ASE which is the right choice for our remote site
and our sales force personnel. We are using features like the row level
triggers and certain sql command that is necessary for our transactions
ASA provides it well. Since ASE doesn't supports it, we have no choice but
to port the primary store to Oracle which we would not want that to happen
because of ASA, we found out no products out there can compete with it's
mobility. In fact, we have moved part of our production database from the
Oracle into ASA 7 and found it works very well with more than 20GB of data.
(Imagine the work we have gone thru......)

I hope that Sybase will narrow the gap between the 2 products and make the
features compatible across with minimal changes of the codes.