When I execute the xp_sendmail proc on sybase 12.0 I get the following

06/06/00 11:49:22 AM XP Server is now running.
06/06/00 11:49:27 AM Failed to load CMC Library. Check that the library
exists in a known location and re-enter command.
06/06/00 01:47:06 PM S02301_XP: XP Server Error: 16124/10/0: Cannot create
mutex SYBMAIL MUTEX because it already exists
06/06/00 01:47:07 PM Failed to create mutex 'SYBMAIL MUTEX' used by
Sybmail. Refer to other error messages for possible cause of the problem.
06/06/00 01:47:07 PM There was an internal error during processing. Please
refer to XP Server log file for more information.

Any ideas?
Looks like the xp_server is starting up , but I get the errors above.