Perhaps a pie-in-the-sky notion, but if I have XML in the database it would be nice to be
able to display the XML in a reasonable fashion. Maybe Sybase Central or perhaps JISQL can
display the XML. The next step would be to allow editing of XML. I don't see this
happening anytime soon since neither Sybase Central or JISQL allow this for normal data.

Why do we need this? DBA's often aren't all that interested in what data is stored in the
database. That is, until we have to validate that the data is bad and fix it. DBA's are
less likely to have XML editing tools available to them than will web developers who work
with XML every day. With an XML viewer in Sybase Central or JISQL we'll have the ability
to look at the data without resorting to the installation of third party software that
won't integrate well with the database-centric storage of XML.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Senior Consultant
Sybase Professional Services