I had SQL Remote 6.0 installation on ASE 11.9.2 (consolidated site
- database named 'sol') and ASA 6.0. (remote sites).
I dumped database 'sol' (with replication started) to a file (DUMP
Next, I completely removed my ASE 11.9.2 installation and
I installed ASE 12.0 server.
Next, under ASE 12.0 installation, I created and loaded database 'sol'
from a dump file (LOAD DATABASE...).
After this, I tried to bring this database online
(command ONLINE DATABASE sol) and I got a message :
'Database 'sol' can not be brought online because it has replicated
tables that have not been completely transferred. It will come
online automatically after replication is complete.'

I'm not sure, what it means. How can I bring my database online?
If it is imposible, what should I do to install/upgrade to ASE 12.0
and use database 'sol' (with replication started).

Thanks, Tomek