I've generally kept quiet during the Management Tool/Framework discussion.

*Consolidated issues previously discussed regarding using Sybase Central
and/or utilizing the Sybase Central plugin API for the Framework*

Issues with Sybase Central (Java or Win32 based) and APIs:
1) Doesn't scale, it is only beneficial for a small number of servers (< 15)
of the same type (i.e. ASE) and approximately the same version level.
2) Difficult to setup and configure (i.e. Java Environment errors, Java
Runtime Environment version sensitive)
3) Must be installed on each client machine to monitor or configure the
4) Network intensive. TDS streams are not compressed and contains
unnecessary data (i.e. retrieving more data than is absolutely necessary)
5) Multiple versions and/or instances of Sybase Central must be used to
connect to different Sybase products (i.e. IQ Datawarehouse and ASE and
RepServer) due to the plugins being incompatible with each other or with the
different Sybase Central versions
6) Monitoring plugins are primitive and unstable.
7) Plugin APIs are proprietary. Expandability options are nill.
8) Has problems working with End of Life versions of Sybase products
9) It is a clone of Microsoft's SQL Central

Regardless of the above, Sybase Central generally works and is adequate for
most DBAs. Sybase Central is not really useful for the industrial grade
DBAs that have dozens, hundreds or thousands of database servers,
replication servers, datawarehouses, etc. It just wasn't designed for it.
Neither was SQL Central btw.


The framework should be server (web) based so that any client can connect
(with appropriate authentication) regardless of platform (console based web
browsers such as lynx should also be supported). Using a Webmin
(http://www.webmin.com - Unix/Linux only) module should be sufficient but we
would need to dictate a Unix/Linux box for this particular
administration/monitoring server *OR* write a custom Webmin (fork the code
line) so it can be hosted on Windows. Since we would only need access to
the OS only for starting of the Sybase products (ASIQ, ASE, etc), we should
be able to just write a small daemon/NT service that is able to start and
stop the various products.

I do not know if Webmin will even *start* on a Windows box... this is
unanswered at the moment. If so, this would be a boon to the NT Admins.

*MY OPINIONS regarding the Open Source Committee*

The Open Source Committee:
1) I recommend that the entire committee be populated solely with non-Sybase
personel with members of Team Sybase acting as 'advisors' to the committee
(Team Sybase would *NOT* be part of the committee).
2) Any participating Team Sybase members would be tasked with communicating
directly with Sybase Engineering or Sybase Management if deemed necessary.
3) The goals of the Open Source Committee must reflect the needs and desires
of the Sybase Community and not Sybase the Company.

The Open Source Committee responsibilities:
1) Provide the overall project management hiearchy needed to interface the
various project teams
a) resolve disputes between or within teams if necessary
b) coordinate with the project team leaders
2) Provide any inter-module and inter-process communication specifications
3) Does *NOT* dictate
a) what language is used by the project teams (other than being cross
platform - .NET modules should be able to work with the .NET equivalent
.MONO project http://www.go-mono.com/)
b) what license is used by the project teams
c) members or team leaders of the project teams
4) Provide a standard version system
a) v0.5, v1.0, v1.1, etc.
b) OpenCVS or equivalent versioning and storage service (should have
client software for the major platforms)


Thoughts... Comments?


Jason L. Froebe [Team Sybase]