This course covers how to use Web DataWindows beginning with the
HTMLGenerator90 component and continuing thru to customizing the component.
The examples that are created are in production today at many of our client
sites and are sophisticated examples of what can be done with Web
DataWindows. This is not a basic course, when you have completed this course
you will have created many Web DataWindow pages and some very cool
functionality. The training is nearly 3 hours in length and covers many
topics including those listed below.

a.. Overview and Architecture
a.. HTMLGenerator Component
a.. Design Time Control (DTC)
a.. Server-Side Scripting
a.. Client-Side Events
a.. Client-Side Scripting
a.. Update Process
a.. Service Classes
a.. Customized Component
a.. JavaScript Caching
a.. HTML Exits
a.. HTML Syntax

This training course is now available. Check our web site for details and
sample sections or email us at

Larry Cermak [Team Sybase]
Branick Consulting, Inc.
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