PB experience: PB2 through PB8
EAServer experience: EAS3.5 through EAS 4.1.1
EP experience: EP1.0 through EP2.5
PowerDesigner experience: S-Designor 4.2.1 through PowerDesigner 9.0

DBMS: You name it, I've probably seen it, worked with it, debugged it, or
migrated it.
Strong on methodology, project management and quality management. By
collegues liked for my commitment to 'quality of service' and 'quality of

I have worked within IT consulting (from strategy and architecture to
debug/maintenance) since '85. I have been "related" to the Sybase family
since '94. I have worked across numerous industries, e.g. transport, finance
and government.

Certified PB-Associate since Jan 95 (PB3 - PB8)
Certified PB-Professional since Jun 95 (PB4 - PB7)
Certified instructor (I teach/taught PB, PDes, ASA, EAS, EP)

Seeking contract positions in Nordic or UK. Alternatively working in virtual
team from home.

Relocation negotiable.

Michael Kramer, Danmark
E-mail: michael_kramer@hotmail.com