Hello All!

The latest stable release of PblDump 1.2.0 is available
for download at http://sqlbatch.com/pd/

PblDump is a freeware command line utility for listing and
exporting PowerBuilder libraries.
It also can be used as a FAR manager plugin for browsing PBL's.
PblDump supports PBL format of PowerBuilder 5 and higher
including PowerBuilder 10 unicode libraries.

PblDump does not use PowerBuilder runtime libraries to access PBLs.

New in PblDump 1.2.0:
- Added support for PowerBuilder 10 unicode libraries
- Added conversion Unicode->ANSI and
ANSI->Unicode (options "a" and "u")
- Added ability to export only source when "*.*" mask is specified
(option "s")
- Added list file support:
pbldump -e test.pbl @list.txt

Thank you for using PblDump!

With best regards,
Anatoly Moskovsky