We are glad to inform you that the release of PowerBatch 2.0 is available
for download at http://sqlbatch.com/pbc/download/

You can download updated PowerBatch documentation at

What is PowerBatch?
PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder compiler.

In addition to compiling PowerBuilder applications it has the following
- support of PowerBuilder 6 and any higher
- migration of application
- migration to a previous version of PowerBuilder
- bootstrap import from sources
- import of existing PowerBuilder projects and targets
- check for duplicate objects
- logging messages to file
- output files in arbitrary directory
- export sources for objects, libraries, entire application
- import object source
- delete objects
- support of FAR MultiArc plugin
- Perl scripts support
- selective library processing

What's New in PowerBatch v.2 ?

Bootstrap import
PowerBatch introduces the Bootstrap Import mode which performs
importing entire application from exported object sources or PBNative
(or other) repository using .PBG files.

Selective library processing
Now you can limit regeneration, migration or build to process only
specified library or libraries or exclude some library(s) from

PERL scripts support
PowerBatch can operate as a PERL interpreter and provides
some preloaded PERL libraries for your scripts.
PERL scripts can greatly improve the automation of build processes.

Filters support
Filter in PowerBatch is a PERL script which can modify object source
directly in its PBL not requiring intermediate exporting and
In the previous version of PowerBatch, filters could be used only in
the Backward Migration mode for removing not supported syntax
from object source.
Now, you can use filters in the Regeneration mode as well.
For example, a filter could be used for incrementing a build count or
updating any other information which is generated during a build

Bug fixes
This version fixes bugs in UNC path support,
FAR manager support, autodetecting of PowerBuilder version,
absolute and relative paths support and others.
Thanks to all users for bug reports!

Thanks for using PowerBatch!
With best regards,
Anatoly Moskovsky