I'm having trouble after I start the syconfig.exe. When sysconfig.exe
starts, I choose to create one. First its ask to specify the master db and
the size. Second, it asks for the size of the sybsytemprocs. Third, it ask
where the error log should reside. On the same screen there is a button
that state network addresses, on which you specify the comunication
protocol. I think that the promblem is here. Which protocol should I
select ? and if I choose the winsock tcp/ip what address should go there? A
new address or the IP address of the computer host where the adaptive server
is residing.

When I select the tpi/ip protocol and continue it starts creating the master
database be suddently and a DB-LIB ERROR ocurres. After it continues but
again another error ocurrrs stating that it cannot login. This is a chain
reaction induced by the first error.

How can I check if there is comunication between the network and ASE.

PS. I'm Installing sybase adaptive server v12.0 on windows nt.

Please help,

Herminio J. Correa