I am trying to setup our xp_sendmail as a stored procedure. I am
unable to put more than one person as the recipient. I have tried it through
isql and sql advantage. Following the manual it says that you can do this:

xp_sendmail @recipient = "sally";"ramon",
@subject = "test"

when I try this
xp_sendmail @recipient = "name^dot.com";"name2^dot.com",
@subject = "test"

NOTE THAT THE ^ is really @

Msg102, Level 15, State 1:
Line 1:
I get incorrect syntax near ';'

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....Also if anyone has a
generic script that reads a column and puts it in to where it can send as a
recipient I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance. I am able to send
an email with only one name in set as the @recipient variable.