What Sybase has to say about the job market is good for Sybase ("the real
money is in production"). However, when Sybase Employees visit these
newsgroups they are most likely talking with developers and managers.
These are the front line people in IT that have seen their jobs
disappearing over the past few years to VB, WebSphere, and WebLogic

As an advocate of Sybase and the International Sybase User Group, I spend
a great deal of my time trying to explain to the Powers That Be if you cut
off your nose (in this case the developer community) to spite your face
(make the quick buck now) you'll lose the loyalty of your existing
customer base. Maybe in their pursuit of new Portal application clients
Sybase no longer cares about the DBA or the Application developer. I'm
not certain why this would happen, since it seems obvious that Microsoft
can make a bundle of money keeping both sides of the coin in proper
perspective, as well as keeping a thriving opportunity base for
application developers in Visual Basic.

Even though all of us that use PB regularly know that it kicks VBs butt,
and that EA Server has much more potential than .Net, and one of the Web
(????) guys actually using Sybase technology, maybe we should just stand
up and say NO to Sybase and look for other opportunities. After all, we
all need to eat and support our families too.

When fellow when so far as to suggest that we contact the companies buying
these Portals, if we are looking for jobs. That is a great idea, if
Sybase would tell us who they are. Unfortunately with the market as lean
as it is, Sybase doesn't want to share any revenue leads that might also
cut into PSO's business. If you talk with the folks in your area PSO
office, they'll probably tell you they don't have enough work to keep them