Hello All,

We recently upgraded from PB9 Enterprise to PB11 Enterprise (currently
v11.1 b8204) and ever since have been having some severe speed issues
using the SaveAsAscii function to export pipe-delimited files. What used
to take a few seconds now takes several minutes. I tried using
SaveAsFormattedText instead, but am seeing the same issues there.

I put together a replacement function that just runs through the rows and
builds pipe-delimited strings and surprisingly this runs about five times
faster than SaveAsAscii but still way too slow for the dw sizes I'm
working with. As a side note, our old PB9 apps using SaveAsAscii still
run as fast as ever and we are having no problems in 11 using SaveAs
(other than not being able to specify a pipe as a delimiter).

Any ideas on what might be causing this? Could this be a dll issue? Is
there anything I can do or try to get this running like it used to in 9?

Thanks in advance,